Easter Treats

I have always looked forward to Easter Sunday since being a child, I love what a feast day it is- i’ve always been a greedy pig!!!

So today was my first Easter day being a vegan, I wasn’t about to let that spoil my fun….

I had a roast dinner with all the trimmings, including a homemade nut roast my Mum had made. Before being vegan, I always dodged the meat on my plate, so the nut roast was a welcome addition.

However I did miss having a Yorkshire pudding!

 note to self: I need to create a vegan yorkshire pud


I made some protein fudge for dessert, which was delicious, although there was a very sweet artificial like aftertaste (I think due to the sweetner in vega chocolate nutritional protein).

There is over 12.5g of protein in each square (when divided into 16 squares) 💪💪💪


110g coconut oil
130g peanut butter
70g Vega chocolate protein nutritional power
25g cocao powder
70g agave nectar
A few chopped nuts of choice on top (i used pecans and dessicated coconut)

Melt coconut oil and peanut butter and stir together
Add other ingredients except nuts and pour into a tin (lined and greased), sprinkle nuts on the top and put in the fridge overnight or in the freezer for a few hours….

Great after a workout to build and repair the body’s muscles, due the fudge’s high protein content!

Andddddd of course it wouldn’t be Easter without ‘rice crispie’ cakes!!!

These puffed rice cakes are a much healthier option than I had when I was a child, free from dairy and refined sugar.

I experimented with this recipe, they were slightly crumbly recipe but delicious all the same…



50g coconut oil
50g cashew butter
60g agave nectar
40g 99% dark chocolate
1 tsp cacao powder
200g puffed rice (I used kallo)

Put everything but the puffed rice in a pan and melt on a low heat.
When melted stir in puffed rice and ensure all rice puffs are coated.
Empty into a lined tray (most of my mixture didn’t even make it into the tin!) and put in fridge to set for an hour.

So easy and fun to prepare 🙂


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