About me

Hello to anyone who is reading this!

My name is Emel, I live in a nondescript village outside Manchester which you’ve never heard of, so I’ll just say I’m from Manchester, UK.

I’ve started this blog as way to document my journey towards living a healthier, more positive life.

I want to share with you my recipes and anything else I discover along the way!

My adventure started recently, when I became vegan, I have adopted this new lifestyle for its many health benefits and to limit the suffering I cause to animals.

Not only do I feel more energised, but along the way I have rediscovered food and reignited my passion for cooking.

As well as becoming vegan, I have also been practising yoga for several months, I feel more connected to my body and love how empowered the practice makes me feel! I am using yoga and exercise to try to strengthen my back, which I have had pain with for many years.

So anyway in summary, I’m trying to make myself the healthiest and happiest I can be for life.

Join me along the way …

Instagram: emels_kitchen